Hi there !

Emmanuelle Misson portrait

I'm Manu

Actually, my full name is Emmanuelle but I think it's too long.

I'm 29, based in Montreal

I was born in France, grew up in Grenoble and studied in Paris before crossing the Atlantic about two years ago. Then I fell in love with poutine and decided to stay.

Some of my favorite emojis are

🤩 🐱 🙃 🌱 🏂 🎉 🍿 🏴‍☠️

I love designers but I don't pretend to be one. I have experience (and enjoy) working with and helping them code their designs with efficiency and precision.
I'm eager to improve my skills and I like to learn new things, that's why I'm currently taking a Udemy course on how to master React (and another one to learn the ukulele).


For 2.5 years I worked at Mention, a company that lets clients manage their social media accounts and monitor their brand by listening to their audience.
As the only developer in the marketing team, I was in charge of maintaining and managing the company's website, as well as coding its different pages and features of the website.

Here are some of the projects I worked on during my time at Mention :

Battle of the Brands

Battle of the Brands - preview
Battle of the Brands - player choice screen Battle of the Brands - volume screen
Battle of the Brands - result screen

In order to show a glimpse of Mention's features' capabilities, we chose to design something very different from the company's usual style, and launched the Battle of the Brands : a minisite with an all flashy, glitchy, animated retro video-game look where users pick two brands and find out which one performs best based on 3 critcal metrics for Mention's clients :

  • The number of times each brand was mentioned in the last 30 days
  • The tone, either positive of negative, of these mentions
  • The influence of the people who mentioned the brands

The data used in Battle of the Brands is fetched with Mention's API and the graphs are drawn with D3.js

See it live

Instagram Report

Instagram report - preview
Instagram report - chapter Instagram report - data
Instagram report - chart

One of Mention's strength is the massive amount of social media posts processed by the app. Every year since 2018, Mention's marketing experts have studied over 80 million Instagram posts and put together a report filled with analysis, insights and key numbers from these posts.

The template has been designed to be easily reused for yearly Instagram reports and applied to other social media platforms, like Twitter.

See it live

Industry Tracker

Industry tracker - preview
Industry tracker - map Industry tracker - donut
Industry tracker - tag

In order to get insights from what is said online about the retail industry, we created a comprehensive report based on Mention data : most mentioned retail companies, industry related hot topics and hashtags… The tracker offers an overview of what the report contains in a more visual and interactive way.

Again, this template was designed to be easily reused, and has been for the finance industry.
The data used in the Industry tracker comes from Mention's API and the graphs are drawn with D3.js. The data is not live but can be updated when necessary.

See it live

The Mention website…

We could say that Mention's website is my baby. I was in charge of every bit of code needed by the marketing team : a new page, a design refresh for an old page, adding a feature, updating any outdated content… I had full autonomy - and thus responsibility - for any new piece of the website.

Mention Homepage
Mention feature section Mention pricing page Mention comarketing page

… and its blog

The Mention content team is known for its expertise in producing high quality, interesting and insightful, content, especially for its blog. Additionally, I was charged with redesigning -and coding - the blog : designing the features, articles layout, fonts and readabiliy, responsive design for phones and tablets…

Mention blog post
Mention's blog home Mention's blog footer

Call me maybe

I'm currently looking for a front-end developer job in Montreal.

If you think I could be a good fit in your team, and you would like to get in touch, here's how you can contact me :